Heidi Hutton Rigoli
1 min readSep 5, 2022
Photo by Bob Brewer on Unsplash

Walls constructed

From babyhood on

To prevent you

From hurting me


Walls that prevent

Me from living free

Continuous cycles of

“I can’t, I won’t,

What if?”

We’re shackled by our thoughts,

They get stronger with age

We may see fear’s illusion,

We still can’t turn the page.

With heavy hearts we

Drag ourselves into our day,

Wondering what will be the next thing

To get in our way?

What will people think?

They might judge our wounds,

Our daily mistakes —

We know we are doomed.

A long time ago,

I saw a hawk in a cage,

When they opened the door

The hawk just stayed inside.

Free to fly,

Yet not free to fly.

His mind had been trained.

I looked at that hawk,

And thought, “Why,

That’s me!”

(But it doesn’t have to be.)

I’m locked up inside

Though I could be free

Boulders of fear

Of cannots and what ifs.

It’s my decision

To fly or stay locked

Inside the walls of fear

And the prison of self-contempt.

I choose Freedom!