Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

The Many

Heidi Hutton Rigoli
1 min readDec 12, 2021


Opposite beings all inside me.

One wants control,

Another is free.

Together they dance til

The two become one,

No longer fragmented

Wholeness begun!

There’s the one who is frightened

And can’t do a thing,

Another who’s sassy

Ready for whatever life brings.

Sassy takes Frightened

Into her arms,

Holding her tight,

Squeezing out fear, then

Together they take flight.

There’s the girl who wants all things

Just so and in place,

Opposing the other

Who likes messy and waste.

Their dance is a struggle

More a wrestling match

Till tight Heidi lets go and

The oneness comes fast.

Freedom is found

When two become one

Or three or a million

That’s how Love is done.

The whole world is made up

Of opposing views,

Just know when they anger

The opposing’s in you.

Everyone’s scared they

Have something to lose

They fear they will let go

And they won’t be safe.

It all winds up the same place,

Whatever you believe

Our wanting perfection,

Will soon be in the grave.

So if you let go now

Let the two become one

You may know some joy

Before life is done.

No longer caught up

In misery and strife,

You’ll touch the reality

And have Joy in this life!